5 Military Style Clothing Trends You Have to See to Believe

5 Military Style Clothing Trends You Have to See to Believe

Think a man, or woman in uniform can't be stylish? Wait until you see these eye-catching military style clothing trends

Most people might think the idea of military style clothing is to blend in, right? After all, that's camouflage's main purpose - to hide the wearer. 

However, this isn't true of runway fashion and everyday clothing, which is precisely where military style clothing is making a splash. 

You might be thinking to yourself, "Wait, what? Military style clothing for regular people?" Despite what you may think, military clothing is becoming ever more commonplace in regular life, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Let's look at the 5 big ways that military inspired clothing is changing fashion trends around the world.

Military Coats for Every Season

One huge trend in military style is military inspired coats.

For example, let's take the pea coat. Pea coats are quite the stylish item at the moment, though most people don't know that the style of the pea coat originated as a Navy jacket. That's right - that fashionable pea coat you picked up at the mall was once a military garment!

That's not the only military style coat making waves, either - olive green coats, especially ones with more military features like riveted pockets and waterproof construction, look great in any season.

The style of these coats isn't the only thing taking a page from the service - even non-military style coats draw inspiration, using large, sturdy buttons reminiscent of fleet jackets, or replete with epaulets on the shoulders.

One thing's for sure: these coats are just picking up steam.

Military Style Tones

You might look at the deep, olive green, wheat, or camo tones of military-inspired clothing and think of nothing but performing drills or crawling under barbed wire like the Marines.

A look at modern color tones indicates that this association is changing, with green and brown being not only popularly worn colors but colors associated with the earth.

While at one point camouflage saw use in cargo pants and jackets, camo print is becoming a staple of fashion from head to toe, even finding itself on multiple offerings from popular sneaker brands.

Camouflage prints even innovate from within, with multiple different colors and patterns of camouflage becoming ever more popular. However, camo-wearers must be a bit careful not to overdo it. 

The great thing about the browns and greens of military wear is that they can be matched with just about anything. Black pants, gray pants, white shirts, white shoes, black boots or brown boots, they all go pretty well together.

This makes it hard to mess up military style, even if you're just dipping your toe in! 

Now more than ever, try mixing greens, browns, khakis, and navy tones with modern trappings. You might just love the way it looks.

Boots: Utility Made Fashionable

It's important for a soldier to have reliable, rugged boots that'll carry them over the steepest hills and deepest valleys.

Outside of the battlefield, though, boots have had a moment recently, especially military style boots like combat boots.

We can see this in the massive popularity of desert boots, which were designed by a soldier in the British Army in Burma. They've since become a symbol of the in-between, a solid middle ground between casual and formal that can dress up or dress down any outfit.

Combat boots have also become extremely popular, especially brands like Doc Martens. Skater and street fashion have begun to use these boots heavily, calling back to not only older punk rock days but to military style fashion as well.

These aren't the only kinds of boots out there, though - walk into any J. Crew or Macy's and you'll surely find a huge variety of military-inspired boots. Just make sure to follow proper precautions when buying leather boots and take care of them - they might just last you forever!

Military-Inspired Accessories

With accessories becoming more acceptable across the board, especially in men's clothing, military-style accessories are finding their way into everyone's wardrobe.

This can be as simple as small touches of green, navy, or camo, but it doesn't end there. Military style bags are becoming popular as well, adopting the service's great utility while still staying fashionable.

In particular, pockets are finding their way into everything, something reminiscent of military style as well. This might seem odd, especially in high fashion, but it seems the people have spoken: they want places to keep their stuff.

Cargo Pants

Finally, cargo pants seem to be one of the bigger trends in the modern fashion era. They've even made their way into high fashion and expensive designer brands.

While you may initially think all of these cargo pants will be in drab olive or gray, you'd be wrong: military-style cargo pants now come in every conceivable color, including bright tones like pink and orange.

The materials used in these pants are undergoing a metamorphosis as well - where old cargo pants might be akin to something like burlap, new cargo pants can be made of synthetic athletic fabrics or soft cotton.

After all, they don't need to stand the test of military service in civilian life, so designers take that fact and run with it.

Plus, with all of these other military-inspired clothing trends, cargo pants are easier than ever to wear and pair with existing wardrobe items (or new ones, too).

Styling Yourself

Whether it's a pair of rugged combat boots, a sturdy pair of cargo pants, or a stylish Navy-inspired peacoat, the modern fashion era holds tons of ways to access military style and stay fashionable.

Amidst all this discussion, it's important to remember veterans and current service members who use this clothing not for fashion but for function.

Luckily for you, we've got tons of ways to do that, including gifts, apparel, and thoughtful suggestions for honoring a veteran, whether that be a person close to you or one of the many other service people out there in the world.