5 Patriotic Shirts You'll Be Proud to Wear

Love your country? Do you wear your Patriotism on your sleeve? Grab one of these top five Patriotic Shirts and prove it!

There are currently 1.4 million people actively serving our country as we speak. This includes men and women in the Air Force, the Armed Forces, the US Navy, the Marine Corps, and more. 

Each of those 1.4 million people has families who are proud to be military families. There are also 18.2 million veterans of the United States armed forces as well.

Are you in one of those groups? Are you serving? Do you have a friend or loved one currently serving? Or perhaps you just have a great love for this country and the people that protect us with their lives.

Show off your patriotism and your support of the troops with military apparel. Keep reading for five patriotic shirts that will show off your support for the US and our troops.

1. Custom Warbird Shirt

If you have a love of military aircraft, or perhaps one of your friends or loved ones is in the Air Force, then you should go for a fully customizable warbird shirt. These shirts allow you to customize the text and the aircraft embroidered on the shirt, which makes it perfect for showing off your individual pride.

You could have your rank and name embroidered with the aircraft you were responsible for in the Air Force. You could have a loved one's name and their aircraft. 

Or you could go super patriotic with an American phrase like, "The Home of the Brave" along with your favorite warbird. With over 70 different aircraft to choose from along, you'll be sure to have the perfect shirt for you or your loved one.

These custom Air Force shirts come in plain t-shirts, golf shirts, denim button-ups, sweatshirts, and more. Complete the look with an Air Force hat as well.

Next to the US Army, the Air Force has the largest amount of service members currently on active duty. These shirts will show support for a huge part of our military, which will definitely let people know how patriotic you are.

2. Embroidered US Marine T-Shirt

If you or your family members are more involved with the US Marines, consider an embroidered US Marine t-shirt instead. The Marine Corps is known for its tradition, strength, and power. Showing off your support also shows your support for the country that they're protecting.

As with the Air Force shirts, these Marine Corps shirts allow you to fully customize the text that's embroidered onto them. Instead of the custom warbird, you'll get to pick from 10 different Marine Corps insignias, including:

  • 1st Marine Air Wing
  • 1st Marine Division
  • 2nd Marine Division
  • 3rd Marine Division
  • 4th Marine Division
  • 5th Marine Division
  • Eagle Globe & Anchor
  • 2nd Marine Air Wing
  • 3rd Marine Air Wing
  • 4th Marine Air Wing

You can choose depending on your personal work/choice, a family member's service, a loved one, or even just the one you find the most aesthetically pleasing. After all, you don't have to personally know someone in the military in order to show your support with a shirt. 

These t-shirts come in black, white, navy, red, and ash grey.

3. Embroidered USS Ship Golf Shirt

If you want a shirt you can wear to slightly nicer events that still shows off your patriotic spirit, consider a golf shirt. The two types of shirts we already mentioned also come in golf shirt form, but we thought we'd give you another unique option with a USS golf shirt.

As with the other two, you can customize the text on the shirt. For this design, the top line of text lists the ship name ("USS Langley" for example) and the bottom line lists the hull number ("CVL 27" for example). 

Of course, you can always choose to write anything you want, but going with a specific ship shows off your knowledge and pride for the US Navy. For a small extra charge, you can also add your (or a loved one's) name to be embroidered onto the shirt.

4. US Navy His and Hers 2-Layer Soft Shell Jacket

Want to match your spouse, girl/boyfriend, brother/sister, etc? Or perhaps you and your partner's child is the one you're supporting in the military.

We've designed US Navy soft shell jackets in both women's and men's cuts. This way, you can get an item that fits you perfectly, matches your partner, and still shows off your patriotism.

Just like the gold shirt we just went over, these jackets allow you to customize the ship name, the hull number, and a name if you wish. You can also choose from one of these four insignias:

  • Ship silhouette
  • Gold dolphins
  • Silver dolphins
  • Submarine silhouette

This is a great "loud and proud" option, too, since the embroidery isn't limited to a small patch on the chest. It's also spread across the entire back of the jacket. You can't miss the patriotism with this option, especially if you and your matching partner wear them on the same day!

5. Embroidered Ladies' Fit USS T-Shirt

This one is for the ladies out there who prefer a more "feminine" cut. Another Navy Ship option, this t-shirt has shorter cut sleeves, a tighter fit along the torso, and tapered shoulders.

It also comes in pink if you want to go full-feminine. Like our other apparel, this shirt is fully customizable and made with high-quality embroidery.

Which of These Patriotic Shirts Will You Go For?

These patriotic shirts will display your pride for this country and your support for the troops. Whichever one you choose, know that it's made by people who work to make every item we create honor our service member.

Ready to order? Want to add a company logo or special symbol? Don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll help you make the shirt you've been dreaming of!