8 Legendary U.S. Military Units Worth Commemorating with Custom Gear

8 Legendary U.S. Military Units Worth Commemorating with Custom Gear

The United States has had its fair share of legendary military units. Here are the best of the best, worth commemorating with custom jackets and accessories.

There have been many heroes in the history of the United States.

The most notable of those heroes have given us tales of military units and legends to recount and pass on.

How can you honor these heroes best? Showcase their legends with custom gear!

Here are some of the most exciting of units worthy of commemoration.

Honoring Military Units

Military honor is a point of pride for almost every civilization that has graced this planet. 

The organization of the military is often the largest and most well-documented status of any advanced civilization. From ancient Rome to modern day conflicts, there have always been military legends.

The United States, even in its young course of history, has created a wide variety of powerful legends. Each of them has affected the world over with their presence and acts of valor.

Honoring these men and women happens in a large variety of ways. Even recounting their acts to others can be a mark of pride for those who have served, helping to spread a legend that has made a mark on their own lives.

We here at Custom Military take a direct approach to the honoring of the US military of both past and present. We share their brands with pride.

Legendary U.S. Military Units

Millions have served in the U.S. military over the decades. Many have done unique and legendary deeds. Many have created a name for themselves through style alone. 

While these 8 units are far from an exhaustive list, each of them has a potent and memorable pedigree behind them. 

1. Hell on Wheels

2nd Armored Division, US Army.

Active from 1940 to 1995, this unit once had the famous General Patton as their commanding officer. 

They played a pivotal part in World War II and earned them name by Patton himself. Their name comes from the impressive maneuvers that Patton had witnessed in 1941. 

The famous division took part in many key operations across the western front of World War II. It helped in the invasion of both North Africa and Sicily. It also participated in the liberation of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

2. Old Iron Sides

1st Armored Division, US Army.

After General Patton named his division "Hell on Wheels", Major General Bruce R. Magruder was very determined to give a suitable name to his division to compete.

He announced a contest to find a suitable name. After a while, he had chosen the nickname "Old Ironsides". The name took after the famous Navy warship by the same name.

The division had been fighting since its founding in 1940, disregarding a short break after World War II. 

3. Bloody Bucket

28th Infantry Division, US Army.

This division held the original nickname of the Keystone Division. This name was due to the formation from many units of the Pennsylvania National Guard and Pennsylvania being the "Keystone State".

It gained its "Bloody Bucket" moniker from the German forces of World War II, which saw their red keystone patch as a bucket.

The division goes by the name "The Iron Division", given to them by General Pershing during World War 1.

 The 28th Infantry Division remains one of the most decorated infantry divisions.

4. Yellow Jackets

Electronic Attack Squadron 138 (VAQ-138), US Navy.

An EA-18G Growler based out of Whidbey Island, WA.

They become well known for a series of electronic attacks to scramble all forms of communications. This gave them their moniker Yellow Jackets, as their attacks resembled Yellow Jackets buzzing.

They were established in 1976 as an experimental form of military disruption. They have led several tours of service and are still active to this day. 

5. Red Bull

34th Infantry Division, US Army.

Red Bull was a National Guard unit that served in World War I and II before deactivation in 1945. The unit was the first American infantry unit to serve in World War II. 

In 1991, the division was reactivated and has served in a large variety of peacekeeping duties in Iraq, Afghanistan, and some parts of the Continental United States.

The division took its name from a design evoked from the desert training ground at Camp Cody, New Mexico. The division receiving training there during 1917.

6. Gunslingers

Strike Fighter Squadron 105 (VFA-105), US Navy.

Commissioned in 1952 under the name of "Mad Dogs", the unit was decommissioned in 1959. In 1969, it was recommissioned as the "Gunslingers" and served in combat operations in the Gulf of Tonkin. It has been active since. 

Their presence has been felt over the decades in a wide variety of missions, ranging from anti-terrorist activities to missile testing. 

7. Kickin' Ass

148 Fighter Squadron, US Air Force.

Based out of the Tuscon Air National Guard Base in Arizona, the squadron has the main role of training foreign military pilots. 

Founded in 1946, the squadron has had a moderate history of service in a large variety of organizations.

After swapping hands multiple times, it ended up in the Arizona National Guard under a training program guise. It was tasked with training under the Foreign Military Sales program.

8. Rocketeers

336th Fighter Squadron, US Air Force.

The "Rocketeers" became famous for their pivotal role in Operation Desert Storm. During the operation, they dropped more than 6 million pounds of general ordnance across scud missile sites, bridges, and airfields.

Custom Gear to Fit

All of these military units have a strong history in the US military. They all have made a mark on their respective theaters of war. 

Honoring any of these units, or others requires a strong balance between respect and reverence. It is not so simple as plastering a unit's insignia on a t-shirt and calling it a day.

Creating gear that respects the service that these units have done requires some care and effort. We here at Custom Military pride ourselves in the attention to detail and effort we put into each and every piece of apparel.

Continuing the Military Honor

Creating a tradition of honoring military units has been our duty for years. We strive to bring honor to each and every one of the distinct fighters that have graced our US military.

Would you like to learn more about what you can do to help remember and honor our service men and women? Contact us today for more info!